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Malawi Online College of Computer Science (MOCCS) also known as Blantyre Online College of Computer Science opened its doors in March, 2021. Currently, MOCCS is offering the following courses: Computer Networking, Mobile Applications, Software Engineering, Databases, Website Development and Programming Fundamentals.

Mission Statement

Malawi Online College of Computer Science brings quality and access to education while helping students to be equipped with computer science skills.

Vision Statement

Malawi Online College of Computer Science values integrity and creativity and the goal of this institution is to have the people that demonstrate these values. The institution is passionate about offering the best online education in Malawi and worldwide.


Currently, MOCCS is fully registered by the Department of Registrar General and we are in the process of being accredited by National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) - Malawi. Our registration number is MBRS1118623.


At the moment, MOCCS is not in a partnership with any college or university or any examination board. However, MOCCS is willing to make the partnership with any institution.

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Thanks for the great courses you are offering here.  MOCCS courses have helped me acquire advanced programming skills.

Thanks to MOCCS!

- Sara Jones
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MOCCS is a 100% online college offering great courses in Malawi and worldwide.

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MOCCS has a team of professional online tutors who are passionate for their work.

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MOCCS is offering Databases, Computer Programming, Website Development, Software Engineering, Computer Networking, Mobile Applications and many more.

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